Vacation homes for sale in Orlando Florida

Vacation homes for sale in Orlando Florida

One of the most favourable developing property markets in the US is that of Florida - vacation homes for sale in Orlando Florida. Hence 40% of property sales in the US, which means that last year in this southern state were bought more than 2 million. Property. This favours mostly long - more than 25 weeks, summer. Secondly - the huge influx of tourists. However there are cities like Miami with its famous South Beach, Tampa, Jacksonville, the largest amusement park "Disney" in the world and a number of other objects.

Recently Russians also have the opportunity to buy property in Florida (vacation homes for sale in Orlando Florida), after the opening of the "Florida Investment Marketing". The company operates in Europe for years, but after the ongoing recovery from the crisis opened branches in Central and Eastern Europe.

"The company offers a complete service of foreigners wishing to buy property in this state. It offers a wide range of property, promote lending by US banks settle all legal matters, including taking over the property in the absence of the owner, so he receives income from rentals after deducting all expenses and taxes "

The holiday homes in Orlando and it is importance - the location and attractiveness of the property. Our observations are mainly on Florida during the winter. The demand is for houses with three or more bedrooms, swimming pool, close to beaches and shopping areas. Rents are mainly for weeks, with prices ranging between 1,000 and 3,000 dollars a week. The season lasts for about 20-25 weeks. The advantage of this type of investment is that desire you or your friends, you can use your property in vacant weeks. Our partners in the United States care of the maintenance of your property, calendar, employment and the promotion of your house.

Please note that in both cases as landlord at the end of the year you owe income tax in the United States on profits from rents minus expenses. Our accountant can help with the preparation of all necessary documents. Contact us clicking here.

The first two types of investments do not exclude third type - long-term investment. The aim is to buy property below market value and persist for a period of time and then sell at a profit. If you select the right property, the return may be 30-50% or more in addition to profits from rents. Good area is well-chosen. As an example I can give Southwest Florida. With good weather in the winter and easy access to entertainment (golf courses, restaurants, shopping areas, sports facilities and beaches of the Gulf of Mexico) it is a preferred destination for tourism. Expectations are for the stabilization of the property market and increase its value in the next five years.


Profit from sale of investment property for 650,000 dollars do not owe taxes.