Florida - "Sunshine State"! It is hard to describe in words - from gorgeous exotic of beaches in the hundreds of attractions to the glamor of Miami. We will review a few of the most popular cities and attractions of Florida, which represent the most optimal beauty and spirit of the state of eternal sunshine. In case you find you find a property or someone tell you ‘’ I want to Sell my home fast Orlando. It’s worth to check it.

Let's start from Miami. The city is the second largest city in the state and is a popular tourist destination worldwide. Teeming with a variety of restaurants, night clubs, cafes, restaurants, shops and boutiques and could easily be defined as a city of glamor. Orlando vacation homes for sale and Miami vacation homes are one of the most wanted properties.

Miami is famous South Beach - a mix of palm trees, mojito, yellow sands and glamorous hotels. The city is a favorite vacation spot for a large number of American stars and arena for shooting various films and American productions.

In the central parts is so-called "Island of Stars", where many popular celebrities have grand mansions. The island is completely surrounded by water and only certain people can be allowed on its territory.

Continuing with Tampa. A city located in the northern parts of the state and whose visit to ensure a wonderful stay. Around Tampa also has a large number of beaches, the most famous of which is the Clear Uotarbiych. Here is a unique amusement park Adventure-island. Guests of the park can embark on a number of entertainment - giant slides, waterfalls, pools with artificial waves caused many others.

We will eat in Jacksonville - the largest city in Florida. This is one of the best places for holidays and business in the state. It has a long coastline, swimming pools and huge shopping complexes, and among the most famous sights of the city are Theatre of Florida, the bridge Dames Pont Bridge, better known as the bridge of Napoleon Bonaparte and the park of friendship, which is one of the highest fountains in the world.

We came to Orlando. Unlike other cities in Florida, Orlando features a more European look and architecture. The city is located in the central parts of the state and therefore has no outlet to the Atlantic Ocean and the long beaches, but on behalf of that impresses with its unique buildings and landmarks. New homes for sale in Orlando FL.

Adjacent to Orlando is the theme park Disney World (Disney World), built by Walt Disney. This is the largest area and the most visited entertainment center in the world. And how! Targets 100 kilometers in the world of fairy tales and popular cartoons of Walt Disney!

And so we talk about amusement parks, so you can not stop and Universal Studio. This is the world's first park dedicated to the art of film that offers exceptional cinema attractions. Visitors are taken to the world in a variety of film scenes, but the brave can be included in the tour of Jurassic Park and the theater of horror.

At the Kennedy Space Center even direct you carry into space. You can see everything about American Astronautics and may even try out what it feels to be weightless and chasing food in the air.

I can not mention about seven mile bridge - the longest bridge in the world (at least so far). Connects the islands off Florida starting from city Meyreytan and has a length of over 10 kilometers.


The tour is her right? And this is only a very small part of all its features Florida. The state has dozens of amusement parks and attractions, beautiful hotels and night clubs, promising as crazy experiences and calm, saturated with sunshine days. In short - something for everyone, and that on top. That is why Florida is known as the state of entertainment, long beaches, cocktails and eternal sunshine and it is completely justified.